Technologie Formowania Metali from the beginning of its activity has focused on consistent development in the industrial sector. For over 16 years of operation in the industry, we have constantly expanded our offer to provide customers with comprehensive service and the best solutions.

In 2015, the Primetec brand was created as a dedicated supplier of high-quality tools for mandrel, non-mandrel and three-roller bending machines. The tooling designed by specialists from Primetec is then manufactured and heat treated in Polish companies. More on

In 2020 we established the cooperation with Techman Robot, a leader in the sector of collaborative robots and vision technologies. We offer, under the TFM Robotics brand, collaborative robots as independent devices which integrally cooperate with the machines we distribute. More at

Manufactures which cooperate with TFM are proven and valued European and global brands (the full list is available here). Close cooperation allows us to execute orders quickly and provide comprehensive customer support during the use of the machine. We have also launched special services dedicated to some of our suppliers to present the manufacturers' offers more clearly:

Website presenting the full offer of the Turkish machine manufacturer for metal processing, incl. machines for welding, bending and coiling, stamping of bottoms or processing of structural steel ->

Website with the offer of a Korean manufacturer of machines for bending of wire and pipes as well as for forming of springs. These are primarily bending machines for precise three-dimensional wire bending and bending machines for the production of springs ->