SIMCO - manufacturer of spring forming machines

establishment date: 1980
headquarters: Taiwan

SIMCO Spring Machinery has been specializing in the production of spring forming machines from the very beginning. It supplies its machines to markets all over the world. The Simco offer includes a very wide range of machines, for example two-axis coiling machines, single-purpose ZIG-ZAK bending machines, conventional, multi-head bending machines with eight CNC controlled axes and advanced and high-performance 18-axis machines.

A wide range of additional equipment includes measuring cameras, touch probes, spring length detecting sensors or automatic sorters which enable high optimization of production and adaptation of devices to the individual requirements of even the most demanding customers. In order to offer comprehensive solutions, the product portfolio of the company includes devices for testing springs and various types of grinders enabling their final processing.

  • The offer of the SIMCO company includes:
  • Dual axis spring forming machines,
  • 5-axis spring forming machines,
  • Advanced multi-axis spring forming machines,
  • sSpring multiformer machines,
  • Grinders for spring tips,
  • ZIG-ZAG spring bending machines,
  • Cylindrical spring winding machines,
  • Wheel bending machines,
  • Automatic machines for the production of spring coils.

The very good price-quality ratio of the devices, advanced technologies, automation and, above all, high efficiency of the machines have allowed the company to consolidate its position as a reliable supplier on markets in all parts of the world.

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Adam Dyrda
Inżynier Sprzedaży / Sales Engineer

tel: +48 533 626 206