We offer machines for grinding pipes and sections as well as elements of flat surfaces.

  • Garboli company - products of which characterize with very good operation parameters, high quality of performance and reliability.
  • Ciclope company - an experienced ma.ufacturer offering a wide range of machines.

As far as grinding and forming of pipes and sections are concerned, we can offer:

  • planetary grinders for processing of bent pipes and in straight sections,
  • belt grinders for chamfering and grinding of straight pipes,
  • belt grinders for making holes in pipes and sections,
  • polishing grinders with a single or two independent motors,
  • combined grinders with a single or two independent motors.
Types of grinding machines:
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Faustyn Hamerlak
Inżynier Sprzedaży / Sales Engineer

tel: +48 730 500 145
e-mail: faustyn.hamerlak@tfm.pl