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NOK150 belt grinder allows making cylindrical notches on the ends of pipes, sections and bars of various cross sections in order to connect thereof with the tubes. Such processing allows for obtaining aesthetic connections without the necessity of deforming the connected elements. After using the applicable adapter, the machine may be used for grinding straight pipe sections with the material stroke drive.

NOK150 is an industrial grinder dedicated to plants of large production load. The machine structure guarantees long-term and troubleless use also in the system of multi-shift operation.  

The most important functions and advantages:

  • professional industrial grinder for large production loads,
  • tilting vice for making notches with the angle of 150, 300, 450, 600 and 900 for Ø20-150mm pipes,
  • access to the grinding belt from the top in order to carry out manual grinding,
  • possibility of replacing the grinding rollers in order to obtain various notch radii,
  • possibility of optional equipping the bevelling machine in: the tool for grinding straight elements of round cross section, a set for wet operation and two-step adjustment of the emery belt speed (1400/2800 rotations/minute).


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Faustyn Hamerlak
Inżynier Sprzedaży / Sales Engineer

tel: +48 730 500 145