We offer a wide variety of hydraulic presses of Turkish company - Hidroliksan which has over 30 years' experience in metal processing. The presses are intended for bending, extrusion, imprinting, calibration of sheet metal workpieces and belt as well as other technological processes. Depending on the intended use, Hidroliksan machines prove perfect both in unit production as well as medium and high series production.

Types of hydraulic presses divided by body options and operation:
  • HD series - workshop presses with the pressure up to 1000 tonnes,
  • CFS series - overhung presses of C type with the pressure up to 500 tonnes,
  • HSA series - gate presses of single operation with the pressure up to 3000 tonnes,
  • HDD series - gate presses of double operation (deep stamping) with the pressure up to 3000 tonnes,
  • HCFP series - column presses with the pressure up to 1000 tonnes.

It is worth to underline that most press subassemblies, including frames, are made directly at the manufacturer's plant. This is, inter alia, why we can offer short realization periods and reasonable prices.



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