The offer of plate rolls covers a several dozen of two-, three- and four-roller models. Apart from industrial machines with hydraulic drive, we can offer also mechanical and manual devices which prove perfect in workshops and companies of medium-size production. The selection of applicable machine depends on the type of product, its intended use as well as anticipated production volume.

Hydraulic plate rolls manufactured by Roccia company:
  • two-roller - intended for high series production of workpieces from thin sheet metal; maximum working length 2000mm, stainless steel sheet metal thickness 3.0mm,
  • three-roller - the most popular type of plate rolls for forming sheet metal to the maximum thickness of 300mm and working length of 8000mm,
  • four-roller - due to special structure they allow for obtaining short straight sections at the end of the metal sheet; the maximum sheet metal thickness is 300mm and the working length 8000mm.
Mechanical plate rolls manufactured by Bendmak company:
  • two-roller - with the working length up to 1500mm and stainless steel sheet metal thickness of 2.0mm,
  • three-roller - with asymmetrical system of rollers for winding the sheet metal with the maximum thickness of 8.0mm and working length of 3100mm,
  • four-roller - with the working length up to 3100mm and sheet metal thickness of 8.0mm.

Types of plate rolls: 

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